About Us

Dear Friends:

We were founded in 1989 by Lynden Kunde. He was working for a General Contractor in Idaho Falls as an esteemed estimator. While there he recognized a demand for a contractor dedicated to quality. His aspirations for having this number one company were burning within and in that year he broke away and started the beginnings Pacific West Construction.

It started off like most, work was scarce and difficult. Though tough, our name grew quickly in the market and success was prominent. Since then, we have done over 200 million dollars worth of work, including hospitals, lodges, libraries, schools, churches, hotels, apartments and custom log homes. We worked hard, took care of our customers, provided the highest quality of work, and had fun.

While in the midst of doing these projects we started to receive offers to work on multi-million dollar resorts and homes. One that started it all for us was Flagg Ranch. This beautiful resort was just the start of our legacy as a custom builder. From then on our popularity grew into other parts of Wyoming and Idaho. This has allowed us to provide projects that exceeded all expectations.

Since these times we are still growing with work in all aspects of the construction industry. We have loved to see successful project complete from the custom residential home to a multifamily apartment complex. However, large or small, we approach each project with the same diligence. We love and demand quality for our customers. We consider ourselves to be an advocate for owners and architects to provide the best possible project at the best possible value. Please strive with us to provide this for all and our work here will never end.


Pacific West Construction

Pacific West Construction Staff

Lynden Kunde


  • Lynden Kunde is the heart of the corporation with a love for the industry and a desire to bring a quality project to all who walk through his doors.
  • The founder of Pacific West Construction.
  • Educated at Brigham Young University.
  • Accomplished chief estimator.
  • Keen understanding of the construction process.
  • Participated in project management and completed several large commercial projects, including several schools, the Fallon Air Station, Stanley lodge, and several church projects and remodels.
  • Projects range from Multi-family dwellings all over the western United States to the breath taking Flagg Ranch Lodge, several magnificent Log homes, and the Creekside Development.
  • A chief and commander in the construction industry having produced over 250 Million dollars of quality work to his clients.

Jason Kunde

Project Manager

  • Jason Kunde has made construction his life. Growing up in the industry he has had the opportunity to learn how to build a quality project from day one.
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with an emphasis in Residential Construction Practices and Business Management.
  • Understanding of estimating, scheduling, Job-site meetings, handling of project documents, RFI’s, Change orders, Contracts, and other project manager duties.
  • Several years of experience as an assistant superintendent, superintendent and project manager for Pacific West Construction.
  • Fluent in Spanish.
  • 10 and 30 Hour OSHA Certifications.

Justin Kunde


  • Success driven.
  • Grew up around and worked in the construction industry his entire life.
  • Experienced and precise concrete technician of both foundation and flatwork.
  • Assistant superintendent at the Tamarack Resort building 11 chalets and currently is Superintendent in the McCall area.
  • Very experienced and knowledgeable of most heavy equipment.
  • Fluent in Spanish.
  • 10 hour OSHA Certification