Green Solutions

In today’s industry our team at Pacific West Construction has taken a step to find a better solution of construction for our nation, our state, our neighborhoods and our families. To do so we have sought out for solutions to build “Green”. Green building is known among people as a way to build a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource efficient. This entails the work of paying extreme attention to details such as the amount of recycled content a product has to the location of where a product is extracted. Furthermore, we care to see efficient construction techniques in our work by using advanced framing measures, high efficiency products such as energy star or green label and watching our waste and look to divert it from the landfill. All of these techniques we use as standard practices.

Our national government has assisted by creating a program that allows contractors to help track their “Green Construction Techniques” and allow an owner to receive special recognition for this accomplishment. The program is known as LEED, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. In recent years Pacific West has taken a sharp look at these projects and has partnered with owners to achieve this work. To date we have accomplished the successful completion of 15 LEED platinum buildings the highest rank of the LEED program (Summerhill Apartments, Rosslare Senior Apartments, and Meadowlands Senior Apartments), with others still on their way.

Further, we know that this industry continues to rise with these styles of environmentally friendly solutions. Team members at Pacific West continue to look into products that advance our green construction abilities. We are currently certified installers of Pervious Concrete, a specialized type of onsite storm water retention that keeps polluted water from entering our aquifers. As well, we have constructed projects using an advanced insulation system known as ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). These projects have a superior mass index that keeps them extremely sealed allowing them to maintain high interior efficiency ratings and keeping owner costs low.

All of these Green solutions keep us at Pacific West moving forward to being the contractor of our future.