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About Us

Dedicated to Quality

At Pacific West Construction, our story began in 1989 when Lynden Kunde, an esteemed estimator with a General Contractor in Idaho Falls, recognized a distinct need in the industry—a demand for unwavering quality and dedication. Driven by his passion and vision for a top-tier company, Lynden took the bold step of breaking away and founding Pacific West Construction.

Like many beginnings, our early days were challenging. Despite the scarcity of opportunities, our commitment to excellence quickly garnered attention in the market, paving the way for remarkable success. Over the years, we’ve proudly completed projects encompassing a diverse array of structures—hospitals, lodges, libraries, schools, churches, hotels, apartments, residential and custom luxury log homes. Our journey took an exciting turn when we received invitations to work on prestigious multi-million dollar resorts and homes. Our reputation expanded across Wyoming and Idaho, allowing us to surpass expectations consistently.

At the heart of Pacific West Construction’s legacy stand Jason Kunde and Justin Kunde, sons of founder Lynden Kunde, whose dedication has been integral to our company’s success. From the time they could drive, Jason and Justin have been a part of the family business, honing their expertise and passion for construction. Justin, based in McCall, channels his talents into building exquisite luxury custom homes, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Meanwhile, Jason, located in Idaho Falls, spearheads the management of multifamily housing, custom homes, and our commercial division, leveraging his Construction Management degree to orchestrate projects with precision and expertise. Their unwavering commitment and leadership are emblematic of our dedication to excellence, infusing every project they undertake with the Kunde family’s values of quality, integrity, and client satisfaction.

Today, Pacific West Construction continues to evolve and thrive in every facet of the construction industry. Whether crafting intricate custom residential homes or managing multifamily apartment complexes, we approach each project with unwavering diligence. Our core principle remains unchanged—we’re committed to delivering nothing short of exceptional quality for our clients.

We take pride in being advocates for owners and architects, striving to offer unparalleled projects that exceed expectations while maintaining the best possible value. Our journey is a continuous pursuit of excellence, and we invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Pacific West Construction

About the Owners

Lynden Kunde

Lynden Kunde, owner and visionary founder of Pacific West Construction, laid the cornerstone of the company’s success. With a background as an esteemed estimator, Lynden recognized the need for a contractor dedicated to unwavering quality and client care. His aspirations for building a top-tier company materialized in 1989 when he broke away to establish Pacific West Construction. Lynden’s commitment to excellence, fairness, and a client-centered approach formed the bedrock upon which the company flourished. His legacy lives on through the company’s values of honesty, integrity, and providing exceptional value to clients in every project undertaken.

Jason Kunde

Jason Kunde, owner, has been immersed in the construction industry since an early age. From the moment he could drive, Jason dedicated himself to the family business, learning the intricacies of construction and project management. With a focused degree in Construction Management, Jason’s expertise lies in overseeing multifamily housing, custom homes, and the commercial division in Eastern Idaho. His commitment to delivering superior results is evident in every project he undertakes. Jason’s unwavering dedication to honesty, fairness, and quality workmanship defines his approach to construction, ensuring each endeavor exceeds client expectations.

Justin Kunde

Justin Kunde, owner,  embodies the essence of Pacific West Construction’s dedication to craftsmanship and client satisfaction. Growing up within the construction business, Justin’s passion for building and creating unparalleled homes started at an early age. Now, based in McCall, Justin specializes in crafting luxury custom homes that epitomize superior design and quality. His hands-on approach and attention to detail ensure that each project reflects the highest standards of excellence. With a commitment to honesty, fairness, and delivering projects that exceed expectations, Justin’s personalized involvement in every aspect of construction sets Pacific West Construction apart.

A Family Business

Meet the Kunde Family

At Pacific West Construction, being a family-owned business is a fundamental part of who we are. Working together as a family—father, sons, and other involved relatives—is a cornerstone of our company ethos. We firmly believe in our collective work ethic and the importance of balancing family values with running a successful business, making it possible for us to thrive together.